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I Need the “Write” Person to Review My Words

Monday, August 20th, 2012

Traditional (Victorian, Colonial) Home Office by Heidi PribellI am an aspiring writer. Well, maybe it would be more accurate to say I am an aspiring writer. I take my craft seriously and write a furious volume of pages on a weekly basis. Yet, I need someone to constantly look over them and give me a good critique and feedback.

Any serious writer has someone they trust to give them honest and objective feedback on rough drafts. Editors at publishers are thought by readers to do this, and for established authors that is true. But, I do not have many sales under my belt yet, so publishers expect my submissions to be nearly perfect when I first send them in.

I live in a small town without any other writers, so I am glad to have found a website online where I can communicate with other writers and established authors. Even the ones already making a living doing fiction need someone in the craft to look over their next words. For every page they actually sell, they likely wrote ten or even sometimes a hundred.

Early on, I used friends and family to look over my work, but they were always happy and encouraging. Do not get me wrong, I need that emotional support, but I also need to be told when my writing is not up to par or just not that interesting. It is a lot easier to get this feedback from someone looking for it themselves. The Internet also makes it real easy, because there is little emotional context to forum posts and emails. I consider my pen pals friends, but the electronic nature of our communications makes it real easy to be honest with one another about the writing itself.

It would be nice to know a writer or two here in the rural counties of my state, but I get what I need online.

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Discussion Forum to Interact with Other Writers

Monday, August 20th, 2012

Traditional Home Office Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas ...For many people, they go to work and are able to regularly interact with their co-workers on a regular basis. The feeling of being able to interact and get instant advice and feedback from others is something that many people count on and take for granted in an office setting. People who do not work in a traditional office, but work from home such as freelancers such as writers do not have the benefit of being able to interact in person with their colleagues on a day to day basis. This is how some people like it because it helps their creative process, but for others, being on their own and not having that same level of interaction can be a challenge. Finding a site where other writers visit on a daily basis is a great idea for those looking for increased contact with others while working on their own.

There are writers’ forums for this exact reason and they have become very popular with writers over the years because it is a place where you can chat with other writers about your day. (more…)

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