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Taking Proper Care of Your Trees

Thursday, December 16th, 2021

Here in Hendersonville, NC there are a plethora of trees around us. Everyone enjoys putting trees in their yard for shade, but you need the proper upkeep for these trees. There’s where Hendersonville Tree Service comes into play. Hendersonville Tree Service can help you keep your trees from creeping in your neighbor’s yard, shape your trees for aesthetic purposes, or even cut down an unwanted tree. We have a variety of services at your disposal. Hendersonville Tree Service has the best tools to help you cut down a tree. If you have a tree that has been knocked down by a storm, you need that tree to be taken care of. If you have a tree that is blocking your satellite or telephone line, don’t try to get on a ladder and do it yourself. Hendersonville Tree Service knows how to take care of trees in a safe and easy manner. You won’t have to worry about falling off a ladder or a tree limb snapping onto you. The experts here have been doing this for years and know the right way to dispose of your unwanted tree. Don’t forget about tree shaping and making your home look nice with our tree pruning services. We know what’s best for your plants and will make sure they are arranged in a way that helps them grow in the best way possible. Anyone in the Hendersonville, NC area should give Hendersonville Tree Service a call if they are in need of tree services. Our attention to detail is second to none. You won’t have to worry about a thing when you give us a call. We take care of the service and the disposal of any stumps or limbs. You are not going to have to carry them off yourself. We take care of everything.

Cutting Down a Tree to Get a Better View and for Safety Reasons

Thursday, December 16th, 2021

We have a nice view in our back yard. Our kitchen window faces the back yard. We decided to put in a large bay window where we could have a table and seating to be able to look out while we have our breakfast. The sun comes up on that side of the house and looks great in the mornings. Before we could put in the new window, we called a Queens tree removal service to come out and take down a big oak tree that was just outside the window we were replacing. That old tree was huge and blocked the view from the window we were replacing.

After they cut down the big old oak, we kept a couple of slices of the main trunk to make tables. We had some smaller pieces we turned into clocks to have as keepsakes for the old tree that was in our back yard but blocked our kitchen window. It was kind of sad to see that big oak get cut down and the stump ground away, but the view we have from our new window is spectacular. I enjoy it every morning as I sit next to that window and have my coffee.

If the tree was not as big as it was, I would have asked about a price to move it. It was way to big to be moved. It had to be cut down. We landscaped the area where the big tree used to be. It looks nice with some smaller plants and flowers. We did not plant that tree there. It was planted by the previous owner of the house. For the type of tree that it was, it was planted too close to the house anyway. We probably should have cut it down years ago just for safety reasons.

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