I Am Thinking About a Career

To tell the truth that is not what I really want, but what I want would be a lot harder to find I am quite sure. For example a career usually means that you hire yourself out to a corporate overlord in exchange for a salary and benefits. I can not really feel good about that, but it is hard to think of a way to make a good salary working in your basement without a company. I thought about mobile app development as a way that I could come up with a way to earn money and I think that I possess the basis of the skills that would help me get to a start of that. It is a big deal I suppose, but I am sure you have to be a lot better at android programming or writing iOS code than I am. I assume it would be easiest to focus on Android to start out though, since that is probably always going to be in wider circulation and used on a lot more devices than iOS.

Of course nothing is as simple as you want it to be. In theory you could just write the brilliant app that everyone wants and they would throw money at you in exchange. In reality you probably need a customer to write a simple app for, for example a coffee shop or a grocery store. If they were a huge operation they would probably hire someone big time to write them an app which a guy like me might not be able to do. They would have six to ten guys who all specialized in a certain aspect of the discipline and they would all work together to get the project together. Then they would have lots of other people doing stuff like sales.

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