I Fell Down a Flight of Steps

I fell down a flight of stairs about a year ago. I was not nearly at the top, but it was still about nine steps that I fell down. I was able to grab onto the railing, which prevented it from being a lot worse than what it actually was. That is not to say I did not hurt myself though, because the pain was awful. I twisted my back when I grabbed onto the railing, and I knew that I was going to have to see a Sacramento chiropractor to find some relief.

Of course, I went to the hospital first to make sure I did not break anything. You would think that would be obvious, but I just hurt everywhere so I did not know. Thankfully, there were no broken bones, but I was pretty battered. I decided to take the ER doctor’s advice and go to a chiropractor since my back was hurting a lot. I had no idea what could be done, but it just made sense to go to a doctor who specializes in the back area. I was able to get an appointment quickly, and my first appointment was better than I expected.

I thought that I would have to undergo more tests before anything could be started, but the chiropractor was able to see from a physical examination what had happened. He explained that my spine was not in the right alignment, and then he said that it was more than likely this way even before my fall down the stairs. He explained that there were several things we could do, but adjustments on my back were definitely at the top of the list along with heat and stretching exercises that I would do on my own. I am still going there even though my back pain diminished quickly with his treatment because I like the way I feel after I have another adjustment every couple of months!

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