I Learned to Never Sell Myself Short at Work

I am no longer in school. I am in a decent job that has room for advancement. I was thinking about getting another degree, but I am not sure if I have the time with the job, two kids and the charity work I do. However, I did need to brush up on some physics for some new things we are doing at work. So, I quietly enrolled in physics tuition to help me with some areas I was having trouble with. The reason I chose the instructor that I did was because he did such an excellent job with our two children. Our kids improved their physics understanding by two full letter grades. I figured that if he could help them, then he could definitely help me brush up on some things I really needed to learn quickly for my job.

The last thing you want in a competitive work environment is to look like a dummy in front of your peers or your superiors. I was really worried for a time. I studied hard to be able to participate in the meetings about the development of our new project that was really at the edge of what we do as a company. My studying paid off as I was selected by upper management after a couple of meetings for the development phase almost scrapped the project. Even the managers were having a hard time with the physics and the math. I put up my hand and explained two or three things to keep the meeting going. Then the manager in charge of the meeting handed me the dry erase marker for the board and asked me to take over.

I jumped at the chance. I showed everyone how we could develop the new product line if we use the laws of physics and the equations in math we needed to understand. Overnight I went from the guy sitting in the back of the meeting to not be called on to answer any questions to being the lead manager of the project. All because I got help from a physics tuition expert.

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