I Take Care of My Trees

I have never liked a lot of trees around my house. When I was younger, a tree was struck by lightning, and it went right through our roof. Granted, it was a huge tree, but that has scared me against trees being that close to wherever I am living. That doesn’t mean I don’t like trees though; I just want them a healthy distance from the house so if they do fall over, they aren’t going to damage the house or hurt anyone inside it. I also have a tree service in Nassau County that comes out on a regular basis and inspects and treats the trees that I do have.

I know some people might say that I am being overly cautious, but I don’t think so. Those same people have probably never seen a seemingly healthy tree get taken down like it was just a twig. I want to make sure all of the trees on my property are healthy and stable, which is why I have a professional tree service come out and do regular maintenance on them. I am not talking every month, but it is at least once every few years.

They come out and inspect the trees to make sure there is no damage to them that would be caused by either insects of diseases. So far, I have been very fortunate in that area as I have never had to have them treat any of my trees for anything like that. They also trim them when they are getting too tall, because that is one thing that can lead them to topple over so easily. Though no one will ever know, one of the guys said that could be the reason the tree was so easy to come down years ago. I would rather be safe than sorry!

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