My Wife Told Me to Get to the Chiropractor or else

I could barely walk around the block without having terrible pain in my lower back. I had to do everything a little slower now. I dropped a piece of toast on the floor yesterday morning, and it seemed like it was a mile between where I stood and the surface of the floor. I had to lower myself to a bending position slowly, and I came back up in stages. My wife told me to get to our chiropractor in Santa Barbara that morning or else. I have a boss at work, but my wife is the real boss. I called my work and told them I was going to the doctor. They know my wife and I told them that she said for me to get there this morning. They did not question my decision to call off. As a doctor herself, my wife made proper decisions, and she did not tolerate anyone doing something stupid that was opposite of what made sense and was the proper thing to do.

You could not argue her logic, so you complied to not embarrass yourself by looking like an idiot. There was never any I-told-you-so kind of remarks from her, but you felt it when the proper choice she offered was echoing in your head when you decided to do different. There was really no need to endure pain for another day. It was not like my job was at any critical point where I could not take a day, and I had weeks of sick time built up. So, I went to the chiropractor in Santa Barbara. I was very happy that I did what my wife strongly suggested I do. I felt tremendously better after the first visit.

She told me to complete the full therapy and I did. I have not had a back pain since then, and that has been a couple of years now. I appreciate my wife stepping up to be the voice of reason all the time. It keeps our family on track and not going down roads that lead to more pain. She is not a procrastinator at all. I like to put things off to see if they will get better on their own. They never do, so I am glad my wife pushes me in the right direction.

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