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Saving the Failing Toy Business

Sunday, September 18th, 2016

When I started my toy business, I didn’t think about it in the same way that other people do when they start a business. To me, it was a labor of love, and I was there on the ground floor as all of the toys were being made. Unfortunately, my involvement alone wasn’t enough to keep the business from experiencing financial troubles. When the business reached it’s lowest point, I had to rethink my strategy. I treated the business more like a business and focused on its growth. I made a KPI report to show how the business could get itself back into the black.

While everything in the KPI report looked sound, I still had to implement it in order for it to truly work. I didn’t want any sacrifices in quality for the production of toys in my company. (more…)

I Take Care of My Trees

Friday, September 16th, 2016

I have never liked a lot of trees around my house. When I was younger, a tree was struck by lightning, and it went right through our roof. Granted, it was a huge tree, but that has scared me against trees being that close to wherever I am living. That doesn’t mean I don’t like trees though; I just want them a healthy distance from the house so if they do fall over, they aren’t going to damage the house or hurt anyone inside it. I also have a tree service in Nassau County that comes out on a regular basis and inspects and treats the trees that I do have.

I know some people might say that I am being overly cautious, but I don’t think so. Those same people have probably never seen a seemingly healthy tree get taken down like it was just a twig. (more…)

The Whole Flat Roof Had to Come off Down to the Trusses

Friday, September 16th, 2016

Our square building sat in a neighborhood that had thrived as long as it has been a neighborhood. The buildings were a mix of old and new. There were considerations for building a new building that had to be met by the local authority. It was easier and cheaper to redo the interior of a building to make it suitable for a tenant than to build something brand new. We gutted the old square building taking out the second floor entirely. The interior had high ceilings. We called a firm that does roof installation in Manhattan NY to have them tell us how much it would be to fully remove the roof and replace it. The roof was flat and was made up of metal trusses with corrugated metal sheeting and a rubber membrane and gravel on top.

The metal trusses were rusted, and so was a lot of the corrugated metal. It looked bad from the inside. No amount of flat black paint was going to hide it. The tenant was a premium lessee, and we were accommodating. Technically the trusses could be saved, but new ones would sure look a lot better. (more…)

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Things Worked out for Us in the End

Thursday, September 8th, 2016

When my wife found out that she was pregnant, we were so happy. We still are. Then, in her ninth month of pregnancy, we found out that we needed to move out of the place that we were renting. Our landlord didn’t even care that she was going to give birth any day. We refused to let stress overwhelm us, and we got to work on finding a good place to rent and a Singapore moving company to help us move in to the new place in a timely manner.

Finding a new place may seem easy for a person who lives in a part of the county where there are more rentals than there are people. But we live where there is a high number of people. And many people move here from other areas of the country because their are so many good jobs here. Sometimes, people can find themselves on a waiting list to get a chance to move into some of the best places. We also have two cats, and not all places allow you to have pets. So, we started immediately on finding a new place.

After weeks of scouring through rental information, my wife stumbled on a cottage just outside of our city. From the way it sounded, it sounded like a dream place. And we knew that little homes like that are snapped up immediately. We saw that the “for rent” info had been posted just minutes before we saw it. We called the number and asked how soon we could have a viewing. The landlord told us we could come immediately. We got there within 20 minutes, and instantly fell in love with the place. He said that five other people had already called him about it in that short space of time, which we believed because people were still calling while we stood there. We immediately signed a rental agreement right there on the spot.

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Moving to a New Land

Tuesday, September 6th, 2016

When I took a trip to Canada last year, I fell in love with it so much that I wanted to move there. There was just something about the place and the people that made it better than where I was already living. I gave it some thought, and decided that it would be best if I became a Canada PR. The lifestyle of the people in Canada aligned more with what I wanted, so it was only natural that I should move there and live out the rest of my life in complete happiness.

Moving from one country to another isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do. You have to fill out paperwork to get yourself registered as a legal citizen, and the process can take a while, depending on who is processing the information. There is also the issue of money and fees. You have to have money to travel to another country, and if you’re bringing items with you, that’s going to cost even more money. (more…)

It is Fantastic to Have a Very Talented Child

Monday, September 5th, 2016

My daughter has always seemed musically inclined, ever since she was a toddler. I don’t know where she gets it from because neither her father or I care much about that topic. By the time she reached seventh grade, she had to pick an instrument to play, as all the other kids in her class did. She loved it and blew past the other kids. That was when I realized that music school may benefit her, so I enrolled her in classes elsewhere, too.

I remember needing to choose something to play back when I was her age, too. I went to the same school that she is now attending. I dreaded it. I just had no interest, and once the teacher began teaching me, I was not very good at it. (more…)

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