I Added a Chiropractor to My Health Team

The first time I went to a chiropractor in Redding CA, it was because my back was bothering me. I had tripped down a couple of steps. While I was able to catch myself before I fell, I did twist my back in the process. It was not a major pain, but it was enough that I wanted to make sure I didn’t cause more damage than what I felt. The chiropractor took an X-ray and determined that there were no serious injuries. After a couple of adjustments, all done that week, I felt much better.

That is the entire reason I went to a chiropractor in the first place. It is not the reason that I stayed though. I learned a lot while I was at the chiropractor, including why more people need to go on a regular basis. When I asked how often that is, I was told that it is different for everyone. Someone who is extremely active will definitely go more often, because they are putting their bodies under more stress than someone who just relaxes all day long. That is not to say that those people don’t need chiropractic care on a regular basis though. They just need it less often.

I got that it is a case by case call, but I still did not know how often I should go. I wanted to feel as good as I possibly could, and I knew that meant adding a chiropractor to my health team. I already had a doctor and dentist on there as well as two specialists since I have diabetes, and it made perfect sense to add a chiropractor to my team. Between the two of us, we were able to discover that the perfect schedule for me was once every three months. I actually feel pretty great because of this!

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