My Boss Woke Me Up This Morning

Everyone knows that when the phone rings at three in the morning it is not going to be good news. At any rate I was barely coherent at first, but it was my boss telling me that I needed to help him out because he was in Canada, the other side of it, and his son was in trouble. He needed me to go bail him out and find a drug lawyer in Albany NY. I got out of bed and started trying to figure out what was going on, which did not turn out to be nearly so bad as it seemed at first. For one thing the boy had not personally been caught with anything, he had simply been in the same car as the drugs. What they found were a couple of pills and some marijuana, but the pills were actually something that is similar to Ritalin or Adderall from what I could deduce.

Of course when I was in college I knew some people who lived on this stuff nearly all of the time. This one guy was in law school and that is a tremendous amount of work, so he would take these pills all of the time so that he could stay awake and he could focus on the work at hand. It was such a small quantity that they eventually got them to drop the charges. Of course no one was going to admit ownership of that weed, but it was less than an ounce. It was a lot less than that and so no matter what it was a misdemeanor. If you are poor and have no one to argue for you, then this could be a big deal. If you have some money and a lawyer it just does not add up to much.

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