That Forgetful Wife of Mine

Last week, my wife Wooju and I took a trip to Aspen for our anniversary. We went skiing in the mountains. We crashed a couple of times, but it was so much fun. We had a romantic time in our warm cabin. We returned home with an awful surprise. The entire lower level of our house was flooded. Luckily, our cat was not home at the time. It was dangerous. Some electrical appliances were submerged in the water. I called a plumber in Essex County NJ to solve the problem. Wooju had an embarrassing look upon her face. She knew something that I did not know.

During the week of our departure to Aspen, our city was cold. The temperature outside was below freezing. I was already in Aspen and my wife planned to meet me there. I called my wife to tell her to leave the sinks dripping. This would have prevented the pipes from gaining too much pressure and rupturing. As usual, Wooju was running late. She must have overslept. After taking her shower, she quickly packed her bags and left for the airport. She forgot to leave the faucets dripping like I told her. When the pipes froze, the pressure caused them to crack and leak. Wooju was the culprit.

Wooju has a history of forgetfulness. Last year, she went shopping for Thanksgiving dinner and forgot to get the turkey. It was so funny. She also forgot to get a sweet potato pie, my favorite dessert. She also forgot to buy ornaments for the Christmas tree. She also forgot out wedding anniversary. Sometimes, she is too forgetful for her own good.

Luckily, the plumber was able to repair the pipes. They were very inexpensive to repair. Despite my wife’s forgetful nature, I still love her. She is the love of my life.

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